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Dublin Painters & Decorators

Our goal is to provide outstanding residential and commercial painting and decorating services in Dublin while remaining professional, courteous, and friendly.

With over 20 years of painting and decorating experience, we believe our high-quality workmanship speaks for itself.

Please call 089 498 5537 if you need painters and decorators in Dublin.

About Us

Dublin Painters & Decorators

As painters and decorators in Dublin, we strive to provide excellent customer service and outcomes. As a result, we strive to improve the experience of all of our clients.

When a customer contacts us, we work hard to develop a brief, understand your needs, and address any preliminary questions you may have.

If you wish to proceed, we will schedule a free on-site survey to assess your area and better understand your needs. For your convenience, as painters and decorators Dublin, we offer free on-site evaluations throughout the capital city.

Following our conversation, we will create a clear proposal and plan that shows how we can turn your ideas and ambitions into reality. We will revise this plan until you are entirely satisfied, and we will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown.

Once you’re satisfied with everything, we’ll set up a convenient date and time to start working on converting your home with an exceptional decorating service.

When we’re done, we’ll make sure there’s no mess or disruption. What you’ll be left with is great painting and decorating that will make your property glow. We will make certain that you are completely satisfied with our job once it has been completed. We guarantee satisfaction, therefore we will go out of our way to make sure you are completely satisfied with the work we give.


Our Services

House Painting

A Residential Painting Service Completed To The Highest Possible Standard. Get Started On Your Journey To A Beautifully Decorated Home And Book Today. Premium Service.

Commercial Painting

Seeking commercial painters in Dublin? Pro Decor have a specialist team with years of expertise in delivering commercial and industrial decorating projects.

Furniture Painting

Pro Decor compamy have over 20 years of professional experience in providing professional and bespoke spray painting services for domestic and commercial Clients.

Wallpapering Hanging

We are skilled wallpaper hangers in Dublin, working with quality, branded wallpaper and making good walls for the perfect finish. Get a free quote.


Looking for an expert plasterer in Dublin? Whether it's small patch repairs or you're looking to plaster an entire room, we guarantee a high quality finish.

Interior Exterior

Our expert interior & exterior painters in Dublin are ready to help with any type of painting and decorating work inside your property.

Dublin's Best Painters

Dublin's Best Painters

As trusted and established painters and decorators in Dublin, our expertise ensures the best professional advice and results – results that we promise every time, delivered by our hardworking team who maintain high communication with our clients and provide a friendly, courteous, clean, and dependable service.

Our primary services are residential and commercial painting and decorating, but we also offer plastering and carpentry when needed.

Our headquarters are in Dublin, and our team of professional painters and decorators serves the entire city and nearby areas.

Our success is built on a combination of skilled, fully qualified residential and commercial decorators, stringent quality control, and flexible working hours.

Our clientele consider us to be one of the greatest painting and decorating firms in Dublin, and our reviews back that up!

What We Offer
  • Service that is clean, dependable, and friendly
  • Complete painting and decorating services are available.
  • All work is guaranteed for two years.
  • 20 years of decorating experience
  • Personal on-site quotations are provided at no cost.
  • There is plastering available.

Trusted painters and decorators in Dublin and the Home Counties

We have been repairing and updating people’s homes and businesses since 1975, and we have two offices in Dublin, so we are never too far away from where we are decorating. As well as throughout Dublin.

We are skilled residential and commercial decorators, doing interior and exterior painting and decorating projects that involve extensive or light preparation, clean-ups, and high-end finishes. We are also capable of wallpapering and undertaking some construction work. We work on projects ranging from little bungalows to major apartment towers, schools, churches, and even factories.

Why should you select us?

  • In Dublin, I have over 20 years of expertise as a painter and decorator.
  • One of Dublin’s most experienced decorating firms
  • Recommendations are provided for each quote.
  • An estimator will be dispatched to you at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Friendly and dependable decorators
  • Following the completion of each project, a quality control questionnaire is sent.
  • Any adjustments performed for up to two years after the initial work was completed are guaranteed.
  • Decorating service that is efficient, clean, and professional
  • Covering the entire city of Dublin and its surrounding areas
  • Interior and exterior painting and decorating services
  • Residential and commercial decorating services
  • Participation in quality-assured trade organisations
  • Company that adheres to health and safety regulations
  • Every job requires a quality control supervisor.
  • Finest Quality Painting & Decorating Materials Ireland
  • Registered in CIRI & Certified

Frequently Asked Questions

A painter not only understands the technique of painting walls efficiently, but also has vast knowledge in producing finishes such as marbling or graining, putting wallpaper, and restoring period features.

You should hire a professional decorator if you need more than a house painting job. A decorator can advise you on how to correctly plan a room. This includes the colour of the drapes, the embellishments on the house’s painted walls, the type of furniture, and so on. Some painters (decorators) even know which colours are best suited to the industry in which their client works.

If you are a beginner painter, you must become acquainted with everything. This covers choosing safe materials and supplies for residential painting as well as how to apply the paint itself.

Any mistakes you make when painting may be more expensive to repair than if you hired professional Dublin painters in the first place.

You can anticipate efficient, safe, and high-quality work if you hire the correct professional from a decorating company in Dublin.

An experienced painter understands how to properly prepare a room for painting as well as which primer or paint to use. Most expert painters can envision how a complete room will look just on a very little paint swatch.

Professional painting and decorating is, without a doubt, a difficult task. Choosing a dependable provider, for example, makes a significant difference. The cheapest materials are not always the best value. These materials or supplies may not be as effective. Cheap brushes, for example, typically carry less paint, requiring double the effort.

Another aspect to which you should pay close attention is preparation.

Preparation necessitates a significant amount of effort. Beginners are frequently disillusioned because they believe that the one-coat paint advertised will produce satisfactory results. Preparation may also entail scraping away old paint, applying fillers and filling in gaps around cracks, eliminating moulds, or even grouting.

It’s difficult to find a competent painter and decorator near Dublin. If you discover one, anticipate their schedule to be filled because most people will seek their services. Before choosing a Dublin painter and decorator, educate yourself on the fundamentals of interior and exterior painting and decorating.

It is better to hire an expert rather than a general handyman. A specialist would understand how to avoid mistakes and solve problems.

Once you’ve decided on a professional painter and decorator, request specific quotes from at least three contractors. For example, in your Dublin house, the quote should include the scope of work, the price, and the timetable, as well as an agreement on what to do if the client is unhappy with the outcomes.

A excellent house painter is knowledgeable. Professional painting techniques vary depending on the surface and item. A skilled painter in both residential and commercial painting will understand how to accomplish flawless finishing.

Typically, more experienced painters will have a useful reference for a work well done. A seasoned painter (and decorator) would have at least three to five references. Make sure to do your homework and call the mentioned references to get a sense of the quality of the services.

Most importantly, a good painter is trustworthy. This may be seen in the way local painters operate, as well as where value goes. Hiring a painter you don’t know is dangerous.

An interior decorator is capable of a wide range of tasks. Decorating specialists’ services are as numerous as their competence, with exceptional design abilities, inventiveness, excellent customer service, effective financial management, and excellent communication skills.

Interior or exterior decorators, like architectural designers, plan and maximise space, colour, and design. A plan is created after meeting with the client. Painters and decorators (Dublin) create plans that are meticulous in their execution (budgeting, scheduling, and scope of work listing).

Select a qualified professional whose professional fees, style, and work ethics are acceptable to you. It will also be advantageous if your interior decorator has an associate’s degree in interior decorating as well as experience with layout, composition, and colour scheme.

Quality Paint Makes All The

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